Searching for Lights

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We've come to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis.  And even though we knew going in tonight that the skies were awfully cloudy, our guides told us there was always a chance.  And besides, if we go out looking and it turns out the cloud cover is just too heavy, we'll turn around and come back early to the hotel.

So off we go, from here to there and there to here and we stop and we look and we stop and we look and we're pretty sure the landscape of snowy mountains and icy seas around here would be spectacular if only we could see anything but pitch black.


Sometimes the road became a long, long tunnel through the mountains.  Once the long tunnel was one-lane.  Think about it.  Suppose you meet somebody?  The traffic lights at either end of the tunnel are supposed to keep that from happening, but still...


Charlie and Cindy don't see any Northern Lights.


Tammy and Patty don't see any Northern Lights.


Greg and Tammy don't see any Northern Lights.  But if they'd looked behind the bus they might've seen some of Bill's yellow snow.


Wait!  What's that round thing?  Is that a Northern Light?


Nope, just a reflection.


Over there in the dark behind the bus somebody said there was a sign.  So we took a picture.  We couldn't read the sign in the dark, but we figured we could wait til we got home to look at the picture and see where we were.  Pretty nice view, don't you think?  Told you this place was spectacular.


Evidently a plane once crashed over there in the dark somewhere.


Greg has figured out that nobody is going to see any Northern Lights, so at this stop he just stays on the bus.  Greg's no dummy.


Remember how the guides told us we'd come back early if the skies were cloudy?  Well, we stayed out til 3:30 am and saw nothing even resembling a northern light.  Fooey.

Unwilling to give up, we gathered in the hotel lobby the next night to go out and try again, but this time the guides told us tonight there was no chance. 

So we conclude this series of vacation photos with a lovely picture of the Northern Lights which we never saw.  Bill lifted this pic off the internet.  Pretty nice, huh?

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