Lake Myvatn Tour

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Godafoss Pit Stop Dimmuborgir Krafla - Hverir Geysir Bread Cowshed Cafe North of the Wall A Chilly Dip

Now let's go on the day trip we signed up for at Saga Travel Agency.  Our driver and guide is Anton.  (His father's name is Birgis.  See how it works around here?)

Here's the day's agenda:

Our first stop on the trip is Gođafoss waterfall on our way to Lake Mývatn. Gođafoss plays an important role in the Icelandic history, particularly in connection with the introduction of Christianity. We keep on going to the pseudo-craters of Skútustađagígar before we continue to the mystic Dimmuborgir (Dark Cities) full of lava-pillars and formations that are rich of mystic sagas and tales.  We come to the warm underground river in Grjótagjá rift and head to the geothermal area of Hverir with boiling mud pools, steaming fumaroles and sulphur pits. Krafla volcano area is our next destination in this tour and we drive past the power station bearing the same name that relies on geothermal steam energy for its operation.  We then come to the explosion crater Víti that was formed in 1724 in the Mývatnseldar eruption and from there we will enjoy the view over Leirhnjúkur volcano.   In our last stop we visit the Mývatn Nature Baths and enjoy two hour relaxing in completely natural pool of geothermal water based in the middle of lava fields with great view over Lake Mývatn.

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