San Gimignano

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The next day we saw even more leaning towers.  Here we are on our way to San Gimignano, a town full of towers.  Seems in the Middle Ages, rich families liked to one-up each other by building the tallest towers in town. 

San Gimignano is high in the hills, up some winding, twisty roads.

See the towers in the distance?

The city limit.

More narrow streets.

Claudia strolls.

A church.

A tower.

A church and a tower.

I found an overlook that didn't require climbing a tower.

But there were plenty to climb if I'd wanted to.

The picture would have looked better if I could have moved the sun around to the other side of the sky.

See what I mean?  But there are no towers out this way.

View from the hill.

View of Bill from the hill.

Was there some sort of significance to all these towers?  Maybe it's best not to think about it too much.

Sidewalk cafes can be better than strolling.

Tourists in the distance.

Now the sun is where I want it.

Back yards in San Gimignano.

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