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Bill and Lyn rode a train from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.  Bill thought it would be a long train ride, but no -- just a couple of stops and we were there.

Here's Lyn enjoying the cold, damp day just outside the Royal Maritime Museum.  See that funny-shaped little building on the hill in the background?  That's the Royal Observatory, site of the Prime Meridian.


Lyn setting the master clock of the world


Entrance to the observatory


Weird little building


What a pretty day.  Looking back toward London


Lyn straddles the Prime Meridian


Big picture of Bill with his feet in two hemispheres


Bill and the clock


The Royal Naval College


Last view of the funny little observatory.  It's also home of the famous Harrison Clocks.  Never heard of them?  Well, click on this, then:  John Harrison, Father of the Chronometer


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