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Moorish Castle Palacio de Pena Palacio Nacional The Hike

Lord Byron called Sintra "Glorious Eden," and it actually is a pretty nice little town, located up in the hills about a 1.5 hour train ride from Lisbon.  Lyn and Janet and Bill spent most of a day there, walking and walking and walking some more. 

Here's the town of Sintra, viewed from an ancient Moorish castle on a hill above town.


Lyn's about to enjoy a queijada at a Sintra cafe.  They're little sweet pastries made from cheese.


Janet is having a queijada.  That's the Palacio Nacional in the background.


A view of Sintra from the Palacio Nacional.  See the Moorish Castle on the hill above the town?


Some of the locals apparently don't like to drink the local tap water.  And they certainly don't buy water at the store.  Instead, they drive up to one of at least three old wells in town with their back seats filled with empty plastic jugs.  And then they patiently wait for their turn to fill'er up. 


Bill asked one of the locals to please step out of the way so he could have his picture made with the jugs.  And those beautiful old tiles.  In Sintra, at least, the graffiti vandals haven't despoiled the tiles.  Yet.


The Palacio Nacional from the road near the spring.


Janet's dream house

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