The Tower of London

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The Tower of London is an historical old prison guarded by the Beefeaters (Yeoman Warder), haunted by famous old ghosts like Anne Boleyn and Sir Thomas More, and still the home of the crown jewels.

Lyn in the rain


There's our Yeoman Warder tour guide.  He was full of helpful information like his warning about the "haunted step" at the entrance to the Tower chapel.  He explained that the step was known to reach up and grab at visitors' heels, toppling them to the hard stone floor.  He offered to stand by the step to catch unwary women as they fell, grasping them "by any part of the anatomy necessary."  As for the men, well, he warned us to be careful because if the haunted step got us it would "hurt like hell."


Bill in the rain


Anne Boleyn was imprisoned in those fancy apartments to the left


Watch your step!


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