Beale Street

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We walked from the Rendezvous down to Beale Street where we almost stopped, but hey, look down there...a little further south on Main.  I think it's an arts and crafts fair!  Let's go!

Heather really likes this artsy stuff. 


Garrett isn't so sure.


There's a big turnout for this thing.


And the further south we go, the bigger the crowd gets.  Don't worry: everybody gets out of the way when a trolley comes through.


Ooooh...artsy stuff.


I'll bet great-grandmother Norma would have recognized a digeridoo when she saw one.


Let's have a digeridoo performance.  Nice, but I can't say I left humming the tune.


Hey, I know a Winslow Homer when I see one!  This is a poster advertising the Brooks Gallery art collection.


Now that's pretty.  I think.  Maybe.  I dunno.


Would you believe this is a giant bowl?  Maybe four feet across?  Nice, but I'd like to see you eat cereal out of it.


Heather decides to let them eat cake.


Garrett's teacher offered one point of extra credit if he'd bring back a picture of a Beale Street street sign.  I wonder if this worked.  I mean, it's there all right, the sign I mean, you can see it if you strike a match.  Let's see, maybe I can do some more PhotoShop magic.


Howzat?  I think he oughta get two points for that.


Hmm, the shadows are getting longer on Beale Street. 


There are plenty of people around now, but just wait til nighttime.


Shops, restaurants, bars...


And tourists!


Lotsa tourists.


Hey, what is that shirtless guy doing out there in the middle of the street.


Maybe this candid camera clip will show us what he's up to.


Oh lookee, Mom, can you buy us a toilet seat?  Heather says no.


But I think these people NEED a new toilet seat, don't you?


Zowie!  What's in that glass?


We're at Silky Sullivan's on a beautiful day in Memphis.  Gavin goes exploring.


Using the simplest tools and materials, junior engineer Garrett constructs a marvelous and, I might add, reliable air pressure-powered device for lifting mass quantities of carbonated brown sugar water to incredible heights.



I think Karen had been looking forward to this all day.


Bill's happy too.


In fact, everybody's happy at Silky Sullivan's.


All around the water tank, waiting for a train;
A thousand miles away from home, sleeping in the rain.

Be patient, Garrett. One of those trolleys will come our way eventually.


And so one did.


Every town needs trolley cars.


Gavin and Bill agree.


And now we've arrived back where we started on Riverside Drive, and we're headed up the old steps to Confederate Park.


It's a beautiful old park with a great view of the river from up high on the Chickasaw Bluffs.


And right in the middle of it is a statue of a man who betrayed his country: Ol' Jeff Davis himself.  Booo.  Hissss.


OK, let's get out of there.  Does anybody know where we can catch a tram to Mud Island?

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