Old Family Photos

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That's patriarch Rich Hill on the left, with his brother Johnny on the right.

There's Karen's family from some time in the mid-1950's.

Ora was a pretty woman when she was young.  Mary Alice, too.

I think I have one of those captions wrong.  Wasn't Deering Floye's younger brother?  Is it possible that's Ora's Brother Leonard in the photo, the one Floye always thought was so handsome?  Can't be Deering, can it?

On the other hand, Alice Jane Matson McCallie died around 1935.  That photo looks much older than that.  Could this be Nancy Hart McCallie in her old age?

My notes on Virginia Porter say:

Died of tuberculosis. Had a sweetheart who dropped flowers to her from an airplane above her house. I have found a photograph of her, and I will scan it into this record. She was a very attractive young woman.

I knew Fred and Nettie and Ora (my grandmother), and as a child I thought all of them were just wonderful people.  I didn't know Frankie, but I thought she looked very pleasant in this picture.  And I'm sure she had many wonderful qualities.  But at the barbecue dinner I learned from Virginia that actually she could be quite stern.  Apparently she once disapproved of (Gladys?) doing crochet on a Sunday.  Virginia said that Frankie told (Allie Mae?) to make Gladys stop working on the Lord's day, and Allie Mae responded that she was over 21 and if it meant she'd burn, then she'd just burn.  Or something like that.  It was a funny story the way Virginia told it.


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