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The Anniversary couple in their Genuine Gatlinburg Tacky (tm) souvenir sweatshirts.

Our 60th Anniversary
Freddie and Leta
We slept at the White House
August 11, 1945 -- 2005


Here's everybody on the porch.  Well, everybody except Dinah, who took this picture.

The camera took this picture all by itself, so there's Dinah over there on the left, and next to her are Bill, Elizabeth, Ethel, Laura, Jonathan, Ann, Cindy, Eric, Nita, Jennifer, Sarie, Leta, Guy, Freddie, Tim and Sherrie.  What a group!

Cindy hugs Guy while Freddie, Laura and Elizabeth look on.

Guy wanted a picture of everybody on the balcony.  So there he is out in the parking lot trying to get everybody to stop talking, stop moving, look his way, and smile.  Just remember, Guy, if it jumps off the track it's not my fault.

Everybody's all dressed up like they're going out to dinner or something.  Where's Nita?

The White House was big enough.  Just barely, but it was big enough for everybody to fit.

The Andersons.

Guy had some photos of this group from the 50's.  We haven't changed a bit.

The Rochelles.

More Rochelles.

The bride, the groom, and the matron of honor.  They haven't changed a bit either. 
Move your hat, Freddie.

Still smiling after all these years. 
Move your hand, Freddie.

Much better.

Eric and Elizabeth and Sarie.

Don't know where that shirt came from.  I don't remember Elizabeth rising particularly early.  In fact, seems like she had to be reville'd the last day.


Not so young'uns.


Cousins and husbins.

A fine group if ever there was one.

But wait, there's more!  Here are some pictures Cindy took:

Freddie looks sharp in his Wyoming hat


Eric and some attractive young ladies


Freddie and an attractive but not quite as young lady.


The Andersons again.


Tim prepares to take a picture of Cindy taking a picture.


The Rochelles again.

More Rochelles again.  Open your eyes, Jonathan.


Freddie, I don't know what to say.  You and that hat.


And that hand.


Much better.  Again.


Some of these pictures are giving me deja vu.


All over again.


Ann, Leta and Nita

Ann Leta and Nita one more time.


Ann and Guy and Leta and Freddie and Nita

Ann and Guy and Leta and Freddie and Nita redux.


Tim sent some group photos too:

This family is well-fed.


And a great-looking group, if I do say so myself.


Same great picture, just a bit closer.


Same great picture, just a bit more informal. 


Cindy and Bill

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