Sitting on the Porch

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Freddie and Leta's back porch held more people than anyone ever thought it would.

That's Eliot in the foreground.  In the back are Sylvia, Marla, Caraleena, Freddie and Mariam

Leta eats while Kyla tries to find somebody to play ball.

Connie and Mike and plates of good stuff.

Mariam and Shannon

Nice pic, Eliot

Cindy takes movies while Sarie looks on and Eric eats.

Let's see ... clockwise from foreground left ... that's Cindy and Eric and Eliot and Sylvia and Marla and Caraleena and Freddie and Mariam and Shannon and Mike and Leta.

And looking the other way we have ... clockwise from foreground left ... Marla's hair, Connie, Mike, Leta, Cindy, Sarie, Eric and Eliot's back.

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