The Fellowship in the Spring (2011)

Before Yosemite Driving to Yosemite Yosemite Valley Our House Tuolumne Grove After Yosemite

Here's everybody posing at the Tunnel Overlook.  That's Greg running in from the left -- nearly missed getting in the picture.  Then there's Liz, Bill, Tammy, Patty, Peg, Cindy, Charles, and Laura.  Intrepid adventurers all, having a fine time in one of the most beautiful spots in , hey ... could that be Middle Earth?  Nope, even better -- it's Yosemite National Park.

So how did all these people come together?  Well, a couple of years ago Bill was going to travel to California on business and he thought it would be a good idea to spend a few extra days in Yosemite and wouldn't it be great if Laura and Elizabeth could drive up from Los Angeles to join him?  I mean, they'd never been there and Bill hadn't been there in over 20 years and it would be fun, wouldn't it?  Well, Laura and Liz thought it sounded like fun but the timing was wrong and the subject was dropped.

Then Bill retired at the end of 2010 and he had lots of time on his hands and hey, at the National Science Teachers Association conference in San Francisco in March there was going to be a reunion of people who'd worked for the NASA Spacemobile (AESP) program and Bill was going and .... maybe Laura and Liz might want to meet him in Yosemite?   Why yes, they would, as a matter of fact.  Great!  So, well, maybe Cindy might want to come too?  Why yes, she would.  And what about Patty ... would she want to join Cindy and Bill on vacation a second year in a row?  Well, certainly.  And Peg, you're going to be at the NSTA conference -- want to stay a few days extra and visit Yosemite?  YES YES!  And hey, Tammy and Greg ... your anniversary will be in early March.  Want to celebrate it in Yosemite?  Greg: I'd love to.  Tammy: No way. <Psst, nobody tell Greg that Tammy's buying tickets.>  And Cindy's friend Charles ... want to go to Yosemite?  Great idea!  Now let's see ... hmmm... that's going to be a lot of hotel rooms .... but wait!  Laura has an idea.  Turns out she and some friends had recently rented an actual house at Yosemite and Bill made a few phone calls and voila!  A mega-vacation was born.

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