Getting Granite

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I decided that as long as I was going to do this, I might as well go all-out.  So I ordered granite countertops.  A few days after the cabinets were installed, this guy showed up with a laser measuring machine to let a computer figure out the exact dimensions of the granite I'd need.

The thing was amazing.

See that little pointer on the end of the arm?  It talked to the guy's laptop computer while he swiped it all over the surfaces of the cabinets and the walls.

Checking the laptop.


Then one Friday I took a Zipcar out to Silver Spring, MD, to visit the nice folks at "Counter Intelligence."  Here's their selection of granite.

And here's the granite I chose.  Luna Pearl, from Italy.  Or maybe Brazil.  Info on the internet isn't definitive.

They had slabs of granite parked everywhere.

A whole warehouse full.

Some dark, some light.

And a big ceiling crane to haul the granite around.



Here are my slabs.  The first two, anyway.

This is going on my countertop.

Luna Pearl barcodes.

The first two slabs even have my name on them.

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