Putting it All Together

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Pretty soon it's going to look like a kitchen.

The floor tiles arrived three weeks late.  So the cabinets aren't sitting on the tiles, which complicated things a bit.  But John Wahler made it work.

Jimmy was John's assistant.  That's Jimmy on the left and John on the right.

They're working on the ventilation system for the microwave/convection oven.

Will it fit?

Of course it did.  Now they're working on the new faucet.

And Jimmy is grouting the floor tiles.  Did I mention they arrived three weeks late?

But they look very nice.

Now we need a stove.

And handles for the drawers and cabinets.

Look at that!  We have a stove!  Wasn't easy to get it fit in there just right, though.  I oughta know -- I helped.

John's going to hang the paper towel rack that my father made for me.

Jimmy and John are going to pose for a portrait in just a minute.

There -- the official portrait.  These guys did a mighty fine job and they were great to work with.

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