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Several people in my condo building kept telling me I needed to get John Wahler to remodel my kitchen.  They told me he'd done a number of remodeling projects in this condo as well as 701 and 801 (I live in 601) Pennsylvania Ave. and everybody is always pleased with the results.  So I called John and he came over and gave me an estimate of the cost.

Turns out John's wife Elane designs kitchens for Lowe's in Waldorf, MD, so I took a Zipcar down there and we figured out everything I'd need.  I bought the appliances from Loew's too. 

Elane kept talking about the day when John would "demo" the kitchen.  At first I thought he was going to come over and somehow "demonstrate" how the new kitchen would work.  Nice, but how exactly was he going to do that?  Turned out Elane meant "demolish."


Here it goes.

Everything comes down.

Down to the bare walls.

Hey, look over there.  I have a clothes washer and dryer in my living room!

And bare walls in the kitchen.  That little frame is hanging at a jaunty angle, don't you think?


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