The Old Kitchen

The Old Kitchen The Demo The Cabinets Arrive Getting Granite We Have Appliances Putting it All Together Ta Daaaa! Breaking It In

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It's not like the old kitchen was awful or anything.  It made good food, after all.

Sorry about the mess.  I was cleaning out cabinets.


The clothes washer is the only appliance that didn't get replaced.

Ordered these cabinets off the internet.  Big mistake.  They made the kitchen so much more useful that I realized I needed to do the job right.

I hated keeping that old electric range clean.  The old microwave would blow a fuse every time I was heating food and had the exhaust fan turned on at the same time.

More mess.  I don't remember exactly what I was up to that day.


Nice cabinets.

The garbage can was a perfect fit in that hole.


The old kitchen.  Lost and gone forever.


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