The Cabinets Arrive

The Old Kitchen The Demo The Cabinets Arrive Getting Granite We Have Appliances Putting it All Together Ta Daaaa! Breaking It In

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The cabinets were built by Diamond Cabinets in Auburn, Alabama.  They said they'd be delivered in "four to five weeks," and they took the entire five down to the day, but I guess I have to admit they arrived on time.  John Wahler was here to help me ensure I got what I was supposed to get (I did) and within a couple of days he had them all installed.

John did all the work while I was at the office.  

This is what I came home to.

 Looks nice, I think.  Like the lazy Suzans down below?

I'm getting a sense of how it will all turn out.

Oh look!  Can't you just picture a microwave and stove?  I'm ready to start cooking now.

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